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How to Make PVC USB case - Weldo PVC USB production Line

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Drop in the life of the application is more and more extensive, drip plastic is a relatively professional word, the general people do not know this thing, the line of people understand the term of the people, the general clothing accessories industry, shoes plastic industry, printing plate industry, craft gifts industry these types of people. Below the author for you to sort out some of the little knowledge about the drop of plastic.
1 drops of plastic:
Plastic is also called micro injection, is a kind of PVC products, bags, backpacks, clothing on the use of the trademark, most of this type, we often say that the PVC trademark, PVC plastic, PVC plastic can also be made of plastic soles, shoes, coasters, photo frames, anti-skid pads, and various plastic products.
2 drop plastic product performance:
Drop plastic products are mainly non slip, wear-resistant, breathable, anti-static, so popular with users, wide application range, wide market prospects, is now in short supply, a large number of products exported to South Korea, Hongkong, Russia, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions. In Shenzhen, there are a number of exports of plastic manufacturers, Guangzhou garment factory in Guangzhou to enjoy a good reputation and a wide range of visibility.
3 drop plastic gift features:
The plastic drop in the gift for key sets, refrigerator, photo frame, mobile phone accessories, bags, coasters, plastic molding mold can be convenient, low cost, the number reached 2000 on the opening of his shape. Low cost, rich color, shape, some small accessories, the plastic effect is very good.

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