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High efficient Epoxy Domed Sticker Production Method

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The plastic drop system generally includes three parts: one is the pump mechanism, can put out plastic material from a large container and transported to the mixing head; two is the efficient mixing head, can ensure that the material components are fully mixed; three is the exact delivery system to tens of thousands of times to deliver precise quantities of materials.
The structures of various drop plastic systems are the same, but the inner drop plastic theory is different. According to the difference of the drop of plastic equipment, the process can be divided into three types: heating drop, pressure drop, hot pressing.
1 heated drop injection molding equipment
Drop plastic process principle
The heating drop is to heat the liquid material in the drop of the injection, and keep the temperature at 60 ~ 70, so that the plastic material has a lower viscosity and good fluidity and flow. And then use the heat energy and kinetic energy of the fluid to drop it on the surface of the printed matter.
Plastic equipment composition
The heating device is composed of a hot plastic liquid material conveying device, a heating device, and a dropping device.
The plastic liquid storage tank 3 in the feed by feed pump 1 sucked out through the filter 2 filter through a pipeline 7 voltage to the heating device 4. The liquid in the pipe 7 thermostat 5 under the control of heating device for heating or holding 4 of the liquid material. The plastic liquid material reaching the operating temperature, the valve 9, through for conveying hose 8 to a plurality of infusion device 11. Adjust the infusion device, can control the infusion volume and speed, so as to complete the printing surface of the 14 specific requirements of plastic surface finishing. Excess liquid material is made from the feed back of the drop to 13 of the material, and the feed chute is automatically flowing through the return valve 10.
2 pressure drop injection molding equipment
Drop plastic process principle
The pressure drop is the use of a high pressure pump to impose appropriate pressure on the plastic liquid material, so as to promote the flow of the product through the drip to the surface of the product, and form a strong adhesion with the impact.
Plastic equipment composition
The pressure drop device is composed of a pressure feed device, a drop injection device, and so on.
Plastic fluid material in the storage tank 4, after the power source 2 input energy, by the pressure pump 1 and in the pressure storage filter combination of 3 filter and storage. Table 5 shows the pressure value and the feedback to the power source, according to the actual demand to adjust the pressure of the power source to the pressure pump pressure. Open drop valve injector 8, driven by pressure, liquid will reach 7%E through a feed pipe 6 and a feeding hose.

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