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Full Automatic production Line for PVC footwear

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PVC glue craft
PVC features
1 can show the nature of any color.
2 has high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance.
3 automatic drop moulding machine called epoxy machine, order money for the extensive application of 12 color glue machine.
4 the surface of the product also can also screen printing, printing, injection or arbitrary graffiti.
5 product surface logo and pattern can do three D three-dimensional effect
Use PVC glue
1 soft PVC sheet can be used in various industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine, building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, 60%, followed by the packaging industry
2 in the arts and crafts, common PVC soft accessories, mugs, photo frame, cartoon U disk sets etc.
3 in the common shoe, garment accessories is a trademark, standard, zipper adhesive glue
4 as the home decoration of the tableware pad, refrigerator, anti slip pad, etc.
5 car decoration car mats, car mats are made of this material
PVC glue production process
1 to open the mold, according to the requirements to make the corresponding effect diagram, the use of computer engraving, out of the corresponding mold.
2 color, according to the design requirements to meet the requirements of color, color and hardness.
3 automatic glue, epoxy glue, according to the pattern has been set. Then bake, cool the product.
4, quality inspection and trimming, each product must be no bubbles, no trachoma, no mixed color, the overall clean and meticulous to comply with standard flash trim.

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