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8 color PVC dispensi


                                  8 color PVC magnent dispensing machine


Weldo Soft PVC dispensing Machine for PVC bar Mat is to make soft PVC keychains,  key  caps,phone holders, cartoon USB drives, luggage tags, refrigerator  magnets,  photo  frames , book marks , PVC bar mat ect.  Our machine can be also produce  plastic  garment accessories  such as PVC labels, silicone logos, zipper pullers ,hang tags ect.

The machine  can be widely applied in advertisements, gifts,  garments,  electronics,  electrical appliances, hardware, stationery, cars accessory,  computer  accessorytoys,  fashion gifts, ETC .


1. Easy operation, dispense 8 colors at a time to enehace production. 

2. A worker can operate 2-3 machines ;

3. Labor & cost savable 

4. Excellent dispensing quality

5. Fast speed and high efficient 

6.Good injection proformance.

Technical Specification:

Model WD450*8B PVC
Material  PVC resin , liquid silicon
 Color  8
 Program  6
  Running distance   X:450mm, Y:380mm, Z:70mm
  Working tabel size   X:450, Y:380mm
  Working speed   30000mm/min
  Position Accuracy   0.01mm
  Analysis Ability   0.001mm
  Transmission   Rolling srew drive
Table Load  5KG
  Power  220V  50HZ  300W

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